Hi, I am Nevine Nasr,  Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner, and the founder of Nivo Home Staging. Graduating from The UltimateStager Academy™ empowered me with the knowledge of the Home Staging process and the know-how of success in home staging.

Allow me first to share my story with you and how I founded Nivo Home Staging.

It all started by studying pharmacy.. Yes Indeed!! Despite my passion for home decoration and design, I got my Bachelor degree in pharmaceutical science, as for my passion I enjoyed practicing it by decorating my home and my friends’ homes, getting always the compliments and feedback of having a fine taste and a good eye for beauty and details. Professionally I worked in sales/marketing for multinational pharmaceutical companies for more than 15 years, reaching managerial level with strong business experience which really empowered me, and was an eye-opener on another talent and passion for customer satisfaction and building strong people relations.

At the right moment, I decided to combine my two passions into One, “Home  Staging” where my talent in décor and my business experience would serve people best interest and investment .

During my personal and professional  journey I had the chance to live in different countries in the world and bond with people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities… which really served my mission in home staging by understanding the psychology and needs of my clients and potential buyers.

I find the keys of success is in being passionate and dedicated, and doing things in a professional way satisfying  my clients and their real estate agent best interest.

At Nivo Home Staging, as Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner and graduate from The UltimateStager Academy™, we help our clients to get maximum return on their investment in Home staging, and help all buyers to realize the real potential of the house and visualize their lives in it… falling in love with the home and deciding to make it their home.

At Nivo Home Staging we offer a full suite of staging services for all types of homes, from  staging consultation to full home staging with stylish furniture and beautiful accessory rental . We as well do showcasing , home organization and all what is needed to let your home shine.

We will even help you out in your new home in getting set up to suit your life style with the full suite of redesign services. We stage to sell and ReDesign to live.

At Nivo Home Staging,Your Investment is My Passion